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VJ OL #10

JUN, 05
19.30 Spektrum
VJ OPEN LAB is hosted by Spektrum
SPEKTRUM | art science community Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin


1 Warm Up

30 minutes to share ideas and news from the VJ network in Berlin and worldwide.

2 Trials and Errors

Presentations followed by a discussion round to answer questions and give a productive feedback. This session is made for sharing and learning from each other.

VJ TALK by Davide Prati

Davide Prati will talk about the visuals he made for his video “I Am Mensch”.

BLANK – LIVE AV by Filippo Guida

Every artwork start from a blank canvas. This space represent the enervating moment when everything start, when each artist is facing himself looking for the proper motivation into his conscience. Like a child just came into the world, the artwork in this moment can potentially become everything. The powerful moment, where every artwork can became a masterpiece.
Blank is an audio-visual composition made to describe this moment: the emptiness as space of creativity.

3 Free play


A time-space to stimulate new ideas and extend possibilities for your pictures, your bodies, and your minds. No online application, no selection, no winners, anybody can participate.
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Join us for the VJ Jam Session!
Come to share your visuals, meet new people, and realise your ideas!
No online application, no selection, no winners.
We provide the space, you provide the party spirit.

!!!If you want to be among the first who will jam COME BY 19:00 TO SET UP the NDI connection, we will help you with it.

If you want to take part in the jam please BRING:

Music :TBC

About the artists

Davide Prati

My research focuses on the implementation of primitive geometric forms in programming. In particular, I am interested in the forms suggesting the organic, such as animals, flowers or trees. This implementation functions in two directions; on one side it joins together separate elements in order to obtain a complex structure. On the other side, a complex structure disassembles into abstract shapes. The aim of this research is to explore human uncertainty in the recognition of the organic in the digital.

Filippo Guida (IT)

Age: Young, but not forever

I try to address the creative process from an analytical point of view: an attempt doomed to failure. In this respect, the artwork itself became an evidence of the inconsistency between consciousness and reason. The same inconsistency I find between what I look for and my results. Between what I am and what I want to be. Between things it matters and things that don’t.
…. what, it wasn’t clear?