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VJ OL #11

JULY, 03
19.30 Spektrum
VJ OPEN LAB is hosted by Spektrum
SPEKTRUM | art science community Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin


1 Warm Up

30 minutes to share ideas and news from the VJ network in Berlin and worldwide.

2 Trials and Errors

Presentations followed by a discussion round to answer questions and give a productive feedback. This session is made for sharing and learning from each other.


Trying to expose the very essential structure of video through the use of light, AILAVIU (aka Martin Borini) will present his visual experiments with the process of light decomposition.

Daily #eyecandy
VJ Set by VanTa

Starting from 2018 Van Ta works on the project in which he writes a GLSL every day []. He will explain a motivation behind this project and will experiment by bringing the concept out of the virtual Instagram space into the realm of a live performance.


In the Shadow of the Sun
Music Live Set by Fёdor


A time-space to stimulate new ideas and extend possibilities for your pictures, your bodies, and your minds. No online application, no selection, no winners, anybody can participate.

Join us for the VJ Jam Session!
Come to share your visuals, meet new people, and realise your ideas!
No online application, no selection, no winners.
We provide the space, you provide the party spirit.

!!!If you want to be among the first who will jam COME BY 19:00 TO SET UP the NDI connection, we will help you with it.

If you want to take part in the jam please BRING:

About the artists


works as a visual designer using video as the main essence of his research and development. His projects can easily provide outdoor stages, museum rooms and technical interior design to visual content for a wide range of performances and installations. He also developed new visual setups using technology as main support.
Researcher and DIY developer, he has focused his interests and projects into the visual scene in the digital information era. He also has been working in managing introspective spaces for the last years and how to express and enhance perceptual understanding through lightning.

Nowadays all of this subject went into Lights Per Second, an installation series where the interaction between light and video takes place, tracing a unique line in which the digital and the analogue nature performs a dialogue in a completely immersive space.

VanTa (DE)

is a digital alter-ego.
Being born in a small city in Andalusia, southern Spain, VanTa now lives and works in Berlin. After studying environmental sciences in Granada, he decided to move to Germany to follow his passion for the world of creative coding. Since 2010 he develops software for artists professionally, bringing their visions to life, materialising concepts and making digital things happen.

Fёdor (DE)

Pagan Russia, Detroit and the last years of Leningrad during the Soviet period are FEDOR’s influences. Techno is simple and hedonistic and this is what FEDOR is too.