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VJOL #14

November 6, 19.30 at Spektrum

Bürknerstr 12, 12047 Berlin

Warm Up

30 minutes to share ideas and news from the VJ network in Berlin and worldwide.

Trials and Errors

Presentations followed by a discussion round to answer questions and give a productive feedback. This session is made for sharing and learning from each other.

White Performance

AV Set BY Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski

The performance reflects on the fragility and sensitivity of life that is often forgotten in the wild world.

Complex Projection Mapping

Talk BY Andrey Yamkovoy

In the course of the talk, Andrey will share his experience of creating a mapping projection on a 6-meter tall highly detailed skull.

Liquid Meditation

AV Set BY Jana Spacelight

Dive into a river drops in the chaos.

Free play

a time-space to stimulate new ideas and extend possibilities for your pictures, your bodies, and your minds. No online application, no selection, no winners, anybody can participate.

The topic for this session is RECALL

Music guest: Live set by Françoise Rosen [Was Deferenz]